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The purpose of this website is provide a platform for the listeners of The Rural Survival Show™ to be able to glean additional information on the show and gain further information though the show's extensive freely downloadable archives of over six gigabytes of information.

About The Rural Survival Show

The primary purposes of being for this talk radio show is to first promote self-sufficiency through education, secondly to promote discussions on the "how to" of self sufficiency, and finally to give the listeners a "heads up" on things that may effect their respective lives.

Subjects include, but are certainly not limited to:

Your hosts, Tim & Spencer and Rik Schmidt, are staunchly conservative.  Each unapologetically stands firm for truth, traditionalism, nationalism and christian values.  Each week your hosts try to pick some specific topics to discuss that they believe is of some import or value and could be helpful to the listening audience as whole.
The callers make the show the success that it has become by entering into the conversations with both helpful information and astute questions.

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The Rural Survival Show
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Telephone:  Call in live on the show: 1 (800) 313-9443;  10:20 AM through 11:40 AM Central every Saturday, 

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